Sunday, April 18, 2010

the final review

Examining the reason why I forsook the comfort of a normal 5-module semester of ease to take this lengendary killer course, I must admit, Im not a so-called sucker for pain since I slacked, as some had predicted, from time to time, yet I was hoping to learn as much as possible, and now I'm delighted to see that for every sem I spent in NUS I become better equipped in the field of IT.
The pity is now I believe I could have learnt more had I spent more sleepless nights in COM1.

Now I shall list down those I considered as achievements.
Firstly, much more experienced in programming, I can code faster now, with better code structure, better modularization. Basicly programming requires practice,no shortcut and the only way to be better off is to keep dirtying ur hands. I coded more lines than the past 3 sems in NUS combined (psss, dont accuse me of slacking, I do slack, when I dont, I do hardcore job). The pity is, my typing speed is slow still, cant do touch typing.

secondly, more confidence pumped in. Beforehand I didn't know what I can achieve with certain amount of effort. Now looking back at the things I've made, actually not bad. Some are quite close to my original vision. By the time I had visions, I doubted my own capability. Now Im pretty confident that I'm capable of doing some stuff.

thirdly, at the same time more humble. I've broadened my outlook. I saw a lot during this course, I saw mediocre fellows, I saw godlike people, I saw great projects, I saw meaningless work, and I always reflect on meself, and realizes how good things can be and how bad they can turn out. Then I will tell myself,"you are weak, you cant flip a mountain, observe and adapt".

One very important point, following up the note of "you are weak", is that I vividly and tangibly feel the neccesity of teamwork. A team of four cannot flip a mountain still, but can pump in significantly more power as compared to one man soloing. Sometimes after half day of hardcore drawing and coding I might take a break and go back to look at the progress of the whole project, then I looked at the parts that're contributed by my team, then I can only deeply sigh 'alas'. "If this, were all to be done by me, what a horror would I be facing!" I am a romantic person and deep inside me I always think of individualism and heroism, but reality always drive me to accept the fact that teamwork is superior.

lastly, I learnt hell lot about Flash and Actionscript. From a man knowing absolutely nothing about it, to a considerable height in animation and game mechanism, I shall say, it's been quite an enjoyable journey. I always found out, and I always believe that Im quite a bit artistic. If I was born in the classic age, I would probably carry on with sculpture and may got some chance to eventually become someone in the world of art.

one last note, dont ever believe that miracle's gonna strike someone becoz he/she got the luck,
miracle is only gonna strike you if you had pumped in a hell lot of hardwork beforehand.


  1. The pity is, my typing speed is slow still, cant do touch typing.

    This is a problem. You better write even more code and learn to type properly. :-)